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xx Bill Terry Propoganda
Today at 11:01:15 PM by THurlden
Below is the message being disseminated from Mayor Bill Terry's campaign.  I'm so sick of this and will post a follow up response to this and related statement to these false claims.


Dear Friends, Supporters and Fellow Citizens of Pittsboro,

Early voting for the 2015 Pittsboro municipal elections begins in just three weeks on Thursday, October 22nd.  This is an important election because it has the potential for a positive change in the course of how we as a Town manage the growth of the Chatham Park Development going forward for the next four years.
         If you are concerned that the Town has relinquished too much of its regulatory authority to Chatham Park Investors;

         If you are concerned regarding the extent to which the staff of Chatham Park Investors has successfully inserted itself into the functions of the Town staff;

         If you are concerned that the priorities of Chatham Park Investors seem to be supplanting the priorities of the Town of Pittsboro;

         If you are concerned that sustainability and environmental stewardship do not appear to be high priorities for the development of Chatham Park;

         If you are concerned that we may be on a path toward assuming a crushing burden of debt for our citizens for the primary purpose of realizing the vision and goals of Chatham Park Investors at the expense of Pittsboro tax payers;

There are three candidates who share your concerns and want to regain control of this process, hold Chatham Park Investors accountable for their actions, and make sure that the costs of creating the utility infrastructure to make Chatham Park possible are born to the maximum extent possible by Chatham Park Investors.  Those candidates are;

John Bonitz                    
Bett Wilson Foley                   
Bill Terry                     

If you share our concerns, please share our message by forwarding this e-mail to your friends and family here in Pittsboro and share our website information on Facebook and your other social media accounts.  You can contact us via the e-mail addresses and web links above to tell us more about your concerns.  If you want a campaign yard sign, let us know and we will provide one.   We appreciate your support and we need your vote to make a difference in the upcoming election.  Please spread the word and help us get out the vote.

Thank you,
Bill Terry
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xx lost dog
Today at 09:50:54 AM by The Fords
Our dog was taken from our back yard. Her name is Riley. She is fawn colored with hazel eyes. Is about 50-60lbs. Last seen off of Moore mountain road around 6-7 last night. Please call (919)542-3290 if you see her.
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xx "Randy Skydives for Charity"
Yesterday at 06:58:32 PM by Shellyslaw
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xx Chatham County Parks and Recreation Trunk or Treat
October 10, 2015, 07:10:24 AM by ParksandRec
The Chatham County Parks and Recreation department would like to invite you to our annual trunk or treat held at Southwest District Park.  The event will be held Friday October 30th from 5:30-8:00. There will be inflatables, kids games, concessions(fee applies), a rock wall and more.  We will also be showing Maleficent at 8:00.  The kids will be able to trick or treat so please come in costume.  We provide all the goodies!! 

We are also looking for volunteers to give out the goodies. If you are interested please call 919-545-8555 to speak with Parks and Rec staff.  We will provide everything.
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xx Renee Ellmers Affair
October 08, 2015, 10:43:16 PM by Livin-in-Chatham is breaking a story that Renee and Keven McCathy have been in a long term affair, which is why McCathy dropped his bid for the Speaker.

If true, this would explain a lot of things.  I always new RINO Renee was a figurative whore, but now she is a political and literal one.
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xx Page Vernon Park Grand Opening in Pittsboro on October 10 at 11:30 am
October 08, 2015, 09:22:09 AM by Gene Galin
Page Vernon Park Grand Opening this Saturday!

October 10, 11:30am on 110 Hillsboro St in Pittsboro

Featuring Andrew Kasab and his Harp Guitar.

<a href=";rel=0" target="_blank">;rel=0</a>

BBQ available from Pittsboro's own Chatham Barbecue courtesy of Valleycrest Landscape Development!

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xx Farming in Fear: Are Hales, Crawford & Howard bringing this to Chatham County?
October 07, 2015, 10:37:55 PM by zorro
Found this via Powerline blog.

With the Chatham County Commissioners sure to disregard the planning board's majority decision and go with the less popular view of the overbearing George Lucier and Jim Elza, will Chatham County farmers soon be farming in fear?

Farming In Fear. The film, just 28 minutes long, tells the story of Martha Boneta, who bought a small farm in Virginia and tried to make a go of it by selling produce and so on. She was viciously harassed by a variety of government agencies and environmental groups who evidently intended to drive her out of business.

It appears to be a classic example of the abuse of regulatory power to promote private interests and ideological agendas. Ms. Bonetas farm home was subjected to repeated and apparently purposeless inspections of closets, bathrooms and so on. At one point, she was cited for holding an event without obtaining thousands of dollars worth of licenses and permits. The event was a birthday party for a friends daughter.

The story ends happily, as Bonetas case became notorious and Virginias legislature eventually passed legislation that brought the harassment to a stop.

Here it is; at 28 minutes long, it is eminently watchable:

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xx Chatham Planning Board votes NO additional zoning in the western part of county
October 07, 2015, 02:23:19 PM by Gene Galin
Chatham Planning Board votes NO additional zoning in the western part of county

<a href=";rel=0" target="_blank">;rel=0</a>

Pittsboro, NC - On Tuesday evening, in a 6-5 vote, the Chatham County planning board agreed to recommend that NO additional zoning in the western part of the county is necessary. Recognizing the immense pressure that will come from the development of Chatham Park near Pittsboro, the recommendation included interim zoning east of Highway 87.
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xx WRAL-TV - North Carolina legislation restricts local fracking moratoria
October 06, 2015, 12:15:09 PM by Gene Galin
North Carolina legislation restricts local fracking moratoria

RALEIGH, N.C. The last bill the North Carolina General Assembly approved before adjourning this year was designed to stop local governments from trying to delay or restrict fracking in their own backyards.

Last week's legislation, inserted into a 41-page "technical corrections" bill approved in the middle of the night and that Gov. Pat McCrory later signed, is supposed to reinforce a 2014 ban on cities and counties from ordinances that prohibit hydraulic fracturing directly or indirectly.

The updated law now says all provisions of local ordinances that "regulate or have the effect of regulating" oil and gas exploration "are invalidated and unenforceable."

Since mid-August, Chatham and Stokes counties have passed fracking moratoria. Lee County is considering one.

Chatham County commission Chairman Jim Crawford said he believes the two-year moratorium approved Aug. 18 remains enforceable because it's not a regulation. Rather, he said, it's a "time out" that would also give time to Chatham leaders to carefully consider the effects of any proposal to drill.

"I'd be happy to put it before a judge if they want to challenge our moratorium," Crawford said.

Lee, Chatham and adjoining Moore County encompass a region where scientists believe pockets of shale gas exist and can be extracted through fracking, although there's no agreement on how much gas is there. The state Mining and Energy Commission approved rules regulating fracking late last year. They took effect last March. No commercial drilling has yet occurred.

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xx Taco Bell Timetable
October 05, 2015, 09:20:58 AM by Paradox
There has been a "Coming Soon" sign for Taco Bell, on 15/501 in northern Chatham, for quite some time.    Does anyone know how much longer before construction actually begins?   Live Mas!
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