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Yesterday at 10:29:51 AM by Gene Galin
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xx Short Sketches of Historically Black Churches: St. James's, Pittsboro
March 26, 2015, 12:53:08 PM by Gene Galin
Short Sketches of Historically Black Churches: St. James's, Pittsboro

By Lynn Hoke

1889 building

Short Sketches of Historically Black Churches Across North Carolina is a weekly series beginning in February (Black History Month) and continuing throughout 2015. Each 100-word sketch (200-word if two churches are covered) features historical highlights of a historically black congregation and its church building(s).

A collection of more in-depth congregational histories is also underway in conjunction with History Day 2015, "A Calculated Leap: Black Episcopal Missions, Schools and Bishops, 1865-1918." Please contact Lynn Hoke, project archivist for the Diocese of North Carolina, if you have information to share about any of the historically black churches in North Carolina.

In 1879 the vestry of St. Bartholomews established a mission for black Episcopalians in Pittsboro that became known as St. Jamess. A national church-wide appeal garnered funds to pay the parochial school teacher. After fire destroyed the mission in 1886, a school was built and a new chapel consecrated in 1889. St. James's was without a resident priest for most of its history. Membership dwindled greatly in the 1960s, and in 1967 the chapel was de-consecrated and sold to the Methodist Church for use as a parking lot. In 1968 it was burned during a Pittsboro Fire Department training exercise.
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xx Chatham County's "Yard Nazis" part of the "Property Rights Death Squad"
March 26, 2015, 08:27:46 AM by zorro
Looks like the current edition of Chatham County "Property Rights Death Squad" is just a continuation of the Chatham County "Yard Nazis"
(I split up the original post a little, since Mark has a tendency to go with run on paragraphs. Also not sure why he insists on placing a space before his periods .)

Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2015 21:30:08 -0400
From: ""
Subject: property rights and yard nazis

This post comes from a place of great fear and personal experience . Its my opinion based on that experience .

Democrats once passed and executed through a planning board a beautification ordinance in this county since they couldn't make zoning it pass at that time . I was one of many victims to this beautification ordinance . You were told how many vehicles you could have in your yard and were often ordered to put up privacy fencing to hide anything the yard Nazis didn't like . If you were a business you were constantly on the radar of the yard Nazis . What they called junk was materials for building , construction , old farm equipment , parts cars , vehicles under repair , projects of all sorts including artist supplies . Many business and land owners resented them and yes we did call them yard Nazis . They didn't care because it was a power trip and a real thrill to burden people with their unreasonable wielding of power .

Many times the neighbors didn't care what was in your yard and never complained but if the yard Nazis could see it from the road they were given the power of god by county commissioners to irritate and fine the cr*p out of anyone who didn't comply with their ordinance and clean up any thing they deemed unsightly at what ever cost to you . There were a number of business's who packed up and left Chatham County over this . There were many self employed small business owners literally driven into bankruptcy or out of business when this was in place . I remember one owner who spent so much money trying to accommodate the county just to be jumped and fined again he lost everything and I seriously felt the man was going to go postal with dynamite and erase half of the government offices in Pittsboro . It was very very bad .

If you were one of the privileged who pays some little Mexican to mow your grass and there wasn't a piece of trash in your yard in your gated community you never knew the pain and frustration of dealing with the county at that time . The situation was so bad for me It was either find $15000 for fencing or go out of business . I managed to put everything out of sight behind the tree line until I could close up shop . Even after I closed up shop I was harassed by the county for my vehicles I had beside my shop . I had steel beams for my tractor shed they considered scrap . I had my project truck in pieces under restoration , it was also consider scrap . I couldn't please them so I literally had to build a shed to put my own vehicles in . I live on a dead end road . My neighbors were my great aunt and my grandma , no one else . It was extremely rare if anyone came down the dead end road by my shop but the yard Nazis did .

My point is , If we allow zoning we will be giving them the power to control any and everything that we do on our own land that is outside city limits in the country where WE chose to live because WE didn't want to live inside a city limit where it was zoned and you were constantly told what you could and couldn't do on your own property .

I spent a small fortune the last time trying to deal with the county . It made me physically sick . I had ulcers , stress , hypertension and was miserable for over two years . I have cleaned up planted grass and I'm getting to a place where mother nature is decorating my property with a beautiful coat of green . If they zone us and start telling me what I can and cant have I wont fight them . I will move out of this county and that's what these rich developers want . They want to push out anyone on low income , farmers and small business to use the property as a fresh canvas to paint a new picture of paradise to sell to the highest investor . That's my 2 cents worth .

Goodnite Mark Smiley
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xx Chatham County "Property Rights Death Squad" is going after citizens
March 25, 2015, 07:30:28 PM by zorro
From this morning's Chatham Chatlist -

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:32:37 -0400
From: Jeffrey Meredith
Subject: "The Property Rights Death Squad" is picking a fight

Picking a Fight

I've had the unfortunate opportunity to attend meetings of the new Chatham County Planning Board AKA "The Property Rights Death Squad" The new County Planning Board with new members appointed by the recently elected Democrat County Commissioners, plan to pick a fight with Towns and Villages in the western part of Chatham County They have decided as their #1 priority, to zone the entire County.

They abandon the working plan passed by the previous Board, to meet with the people of these communities unzone and work with them. Town meetings, community outreach, door-to-door contact if necessary, asking these property owners, if they want zoning assistance in their communities. This new Property Rights Death Squad, with fast track directives from the Commissioners wants, no input from the people living in those communities. They want to force their Pittsboro/Chapel Hill values whose communities.

Most of these areas are agricultural communities, with properties passed down from generation to generation. Property owners who live in those areas may have moved there to live free, without burdening property regulations. Now for some unknown reason and after many, many years of living free, their property rights are being targeted by the County Commissioners. The County Commissioners, approving: barns, chicken coops, house colors? With all the growth in Pittsboro and Siler City, they have nothing better to do but to pick a fight with our western neighbors. Maybe it is because this communities vote for Republican candidates.

This maybe only the start. What other plans do these Democrat Commissioners have for taking away our rights? What or who will be next.

Please contact your Commissioner and ask them to stand down.

Thank you. Jeff Meredith. Pittsboro
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xx Lap Swimming near Pittsboro
March 25, 2015, 04:00:04 PM by GailVRT
I will be moving to Pittsboro soon and I'm looking for lap swimming options, both indoor and outdoors. I know the lake is nearby, but I'm also looking for pool information, people's exper, etc. are ther neighborhoods with pools that allow nonresidents to join?
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xx Come to Holy Week services at Church of the Holy Trinity, Chatham
March 24, 2015, 10:18:03 AM by EastStone
We invite Chatham County folks to join us for Holy Week services. Holy Week is bookended between Palm Sunday (this Sunday) and Easter Sunday (April 5). Come to one or all of these services. Our physical location is at Evergreen United Methodist Church, 11098 US 15 501 Hwy N, Chapel Hill 27517-6009. It's on the east side of 15/501, just half a mile south of Cole Park Plaza. You are welcome anytime:

Palm Sunday 3-29 at 8:30AM: We will be making the turn from Lent to Holy Week in our Palm Sunday service.

The Way of the Cross 3-29 at 6:30PM: We will be reflecting on the stations of the cross with music and with works of art commemorating Jesus' crucifixion and the events leading up to it.

Maundy Thursday Service 4-2 at 6:30PM: We will recall when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as well as the Last Supper when he instituted Holy Communion.

Good Friday Service 4-3 at 5:30PM: We will remember our Lord's suffering and death on the cross.

The Great Vigil of Easter 4-4 at 7:30PM: We will begin our Easter celebration with one of the greatest services in the tradition of the Church.

Easter Sunday 4-5 at 9AM: Join us as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Church of the Holy Trinity, Chatham
More info at this website:

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xx Clearing by Walmart in N Chatham
March 24, 2015, 09:27:46 AM by kimmimom
I have seen the contract pending sign there for a long time, but yesterday they started clearing the land behind Walmart so you can now see the houses that were tucked in the woods previously.  Anyone knowing what is going in there? 
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xx Chatham's Future Taking Place in Asheville?
March 23, 2015, 01:12:03 PM by Silk_Hope
Is this Chatham's future? Asheville, being the Liberal city that it is, loves to tax and redistribute wealth.

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xx Another idea on who's behind countywide zoning push
March 21, 2015, 11:05:25 AM by TCD
The developers of Chatham Park.

This occurred me to when I was reading noway's summary of the zoning committee meeting.  The area just west of Chatham Park was mentioned as an "at risk" area. 

Trying to think like them... I'm sure they don't want to spend $millions planning and building their tidy little city complete with retail areas the way they want them, and then have their retail rents driven down because some other developer plops a cheaper strip mall on farmland just outside their borders to take advantage of their investment.

Or maybe they wouldn't be too happy to have a developer throw up some inexpensive subdivisions on farmland right outside their little bubble, drawing homebuyer dollars out of their pocket into someone else's, while those homebuyers still take advantage of Chatham Park's amenities. 

I suspect that if not behind this, they are at least in the background quietly encouraging it.  If you think that's farfetched, look at the history of this development team.  They are very good at making local government work for them.  Not just in Pittsboro, but also in Cary and Morrisville for a couple of decades before they came west. 
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xx Ancient crocodile fossil found in Chatham
March 19, 2015, 01:43:10 PM by Silk_Hope

Raleigh, N.C. Scientists at North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences have discovered an ancestor of crocodiles that likely was a dominant predator in what is now North America before the age of dinosaurs, according to a report published Thursday in the open access journal Scientific Reports.

Carnufex carolinensis, or the Carolina Butcher, was a 9-foot-long, land-dwelling crocodylomorph that walked on its hind legs and likely preyed upon smaller inhabitants of North Carolina ecosystems such as armored reptiles and early mammal relatives, said Lindsay Zanno, assistant research professor at N.C. State, director of the Paleontology and Geology lab at the museum and lead author of a paper describing the find.

Paleontologists from the museum and N.C. State found the fossils in 2004 in a rock quarry in Chatham County. They date to the beginning of the Late Triassic Period, which was about 231 million years ago, when what is now North Carolina was a wet, warm equatorial region beginning to break apart from the super-continent Pangea.

"Originally, they were in a boulder about the size of a Volkswagen," museum curator Vincent Schneider said Thursday. "So, it took three to four days in the field to actually remove the specimens from the boulder because we had to cut them out with a rock saw."

Schneider brought the fossils back to the museum, where they remains a mystery for several years. N.C. State graduate student Susan Drymala, who was then studying Triassic animals, began investigating the bones. She and Zanno were able to identify the fossils as parts of a skull, spine and upper forelimb

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