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xx How to combat Chatham Climate Change Committee leftist loony tunes
November 24, 2015, 10:36:31 AM by zorro
We can combat the Chatham Climate Change committee by vetting all of their members publicly (Google is your friend)

You know that the usual suspects will be assigned to the committee - a bunch of OWLs with little true scientific or farming knowledge and experience.

Don't be surprised to see the "smartest man" in Chatham County and the retired WashingtonDC attorney pretending to be a farmer on the committee.

We can also attend their public meetings and note what they have to say.

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xx First Zoning and Now This.....
November 24, 2015, 09:03:07 AM by Silk_Hope
Don't say we didn't warn you. All of the Zoning is there for control.

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 18:44:30 +0000
From: Debra Henzey <>
Subject: Chatham County Seeks Applicants for New Climate Change Committee

Nov. 23, 2015
Media Contact:  Debra Henzey, 919-542-8258

Chatham County Seeks Applicants for New Climate Change Committee

PITTSBORO, NC- The Chatham County Board of Commissioners has formed a new Climate Change Advisory Committee to make recommendations on likely climate change impacts in Chatham County and suggest ways to adapt to and mitigate these impacts, such as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The county seeks applicants for nine seats on the committee before Dec. 4, 2015.

The committee will look at such options as: reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) with related improvements in air quality; promoting the use of renewable energy,   promoting carbon neutral/green building standards for new and existing buildings (both public and private) and encouraging resilient conservation-oriented land uses and both residential and commercial land development standards that foster climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Nine of the 11 members will be appointed by the Board of Commissioners and will have three-year terms that will be staggered initially so that some members will get initial terms of one and two years. Two other members would be selected by the towns of Siler City and Pittsboro.  The committee is expected to meet monthly in the Pittsboro area, but no set date and time has been established yet.

The Board of Commissioners seeks applicants who live in Chatham County, support the mission of the committee and who have with the time and resources available to devote to the work and research required.

Residents with expertise in the following areas also are encouraged to apply:   renewable energy systems, building efficiency, green building standards and conservation standards (in both residential and commercial settings), transportation efficiency standards and fuel options, forestry and agricultural practices and management, ecology and environmental science, and literature relating to the science of climate change.

Interested residents should submit a committee application no later than Dec. 4, 2015. An online form can be found at:<>. Look for the Quick Links box at the top right and choose Board & Committee Application.  Or contact Debra Henzey at 919-542-8258 or<>  to obtain an email or printed application.

Some expected initial activities of the committee  include:
*         Study carbon-neutral policies that have been considered and/or adopted by other local jurisdictions and businesses;

*           Identify the sources of energy that are now used in Chatham County;

*           Make recommendations regarding use of the LEED building standards;

*           Make recommendations regarding the sources of renewable energy that could be used to support County and other buildings;

*           Make recommendations regarding energy efficiency of County-owned and other buildings and vehicles;

*           Make recommendations regarding possible amendments to the zoning and subdivision ordinances and building codes to improve the efficiency of residential buildings and the conservation qualities of housing developments;

*           Make recommendations regarding ordinance and regulatory amendments to encourage maintenance of timberland generally, greater use of trees in commercial and residential developments and discouragement of deforestation practices;

*           Make recommendations to foster agricultural practices that avoid unnecessary contributions to climate change; and

*           Make recommendations regarding education of the public on issues related to climate change.

In keeping with the NC Public Records Law, e-mails, including attachments, may be released to others upon request for inspection and copying.

Debra Henzey
Chatham County Director of Community Relations
Cell 919-548-4662
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xx The video of the commissioners' meeting is up
November 20, 2015, 11:33:42 AM by TCD

Public input, including lots of people commenting on zoning, starts near the beginning.

The board's discussion of countywide zoning starts at 2:26:00
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xx Ice "hut" at Cole Park Plaza
November 18, 2015, 12:39:39 PM by kimmimom
There was an ice "hut" at Cole Park that was removed for construction of McDonald's.  Does anyone know if the gentleman has plans to return the hut to the area or is there another close to Cole Park?  Much cheaper bag for more ice (i think it was $1.75 for 16 lbs)
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exclamation Video: Chatham commissioner Jim Crawford rejects planning board recommendation
November 18, 2015, 05:23:04 AM by Gene Galin
Liberal Chatham County commissioner Jim Crawford rejects the recommendation of the Chatham planning board and votes for county-wide zoning based on secret "minority report." The Pennsylvania native than goes on to lecture long-time county residents and informs them that the liberal new-comers on the Chatham County board have all the political power.

<a href=";rel=0" target="_blank">;rel=0</a>

At 0:34 Jim Crawford declares that he is going to vote against the recommendation of the Chatham County planning board and that he is going to vote for residential zoning as a starting point

At 1:29 Jim Crawford declares a stumbling block "that people who live in the west, who have been here a long time and don't like people moving in from the outside. In some parts of the county, Chapel Hill is a bad word. Well, don't sell your property to us then and we'll stop coming. But until that time you're going to have to deal with the consequences. And one of the consequences as Chairman Hales has said  is that you get people who move in, who now constitute a political majority , who believe in zoning.  Now, you can walk away and you can be mad at me. You can be mad at all of the members who voted tonight, but you're going to have to get over that and come back to the table for the long hard work of coming up with a plan that does reflect exactly  what you want in your neighborhood and that we will implement. But the only way to get it done is through the mechanism of zoning."

At 2:16 Jim Crawford notes "that what we are arguing about is whether or not we are going to function as a modern county."

At 3:04 Diana Hales, Jim Crawford and Karen Howard vote to reject Mike Cross' amendment to the motion. Mike's amendment for to go with the planning board's recommendation.

At 3:24 County Commissioners Diana Hales, Jim Crawford and Karen Howard vote to implement county-wide zoning.

The secret "minority report prevails!

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xx Chatham Commissioners approve a bigger & better climate change committee
November 17, 2015, 07:57:42 AM by Gene Galin
At Monday evening, the Chatham County commissioners approved a bigger and better climate change committee by adding one more member that would be approved by the town of Pittsboro.

We can now all rest assured that we are better outfitted to handle the ravages of Climate Change in Chatham County.

First item on the climate change committee? Maybe they can determine whether we're combating man-made global warming or man-made global cooling.
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xx Liberals parrot John GrayBeal's pro-zoning talking points & lies
November 16, 2015, 04:28:04 PM by zorro
From this morning's chatlist -

Since they couldn't influence the Chatham County planning board several liberals parrot John Graybeal's pro-zoning talking points & lies.

Looks like john is back in his bad habit of writing all sorts of junk and having people submit it for him making it look like it's more than a dozen people who support zoning the entire county.  Upside the head

Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 20:33:14 -0500
Subject: Brian Bock's Post on Zoning

In Brian Bock’s recent post, he argues that the County Commissioners should defer action on zoning until after the land use plan has been completed and adopted. It is true that a new, first-rate land use plan for Chatham County is now in process. A consultant has been retained and the Commissioners have appointed a “steering committee to work with the consultant. But it is expected that development of the plan will take at least two years and maybe longer. There are many reasons, however, that support the Commissioners taking action NOW on zoning.

(1) Without zoning in the western part of the County, Chatham is now totally exposed to any kind of obnoxious development. With the exception of Alamance, the surrounding counties are fully zoned and this means that developers wanting quarries, gun ranges, landfills or other adverse developments may look to Chatham since they are barred elsewhere. The value of zoning is shown by the fact that 80 of NC’s 100 counties are zoned.

(2) Already several quarries have been proposed for our un-zoned areas. With the land use plan now in process, developers with bad plans may be prompted to proceed before the land use plan and related zoning is put in place. Zoning is needed now as a place-holder while the land use plan is being developed.

 (3) As many will recall, the Board of Commissioners in July 2013, while Bock was still a member, unanimously adopted a “conceptual land use plan developed by the Economic Development Corporation. In accordance with Bock’s own vote for this“conceptual plan, the Commissioners should proceed to adopt zoning that would support it.

(4) Bock notes that many farmers from western Chatham and certain farm organizations have spoken in opposition to zoning. That action is incomprehensible since by state law, farms and agriculture are totally exempt from zoning. A farmer can operate his farm whether the land is zoned residential, industrial or otherwise. No zoning action could have any adverse impact on farmers. Any other uses would be grandfathered and unaffected by zoning.

(5) As the experience of 80 NC counties shows, zoning benefits counties generally and, for that reason, all Chatham citizens have a voice on this issue. Studies have found that zoned counties have higher property values, lower rates of unemployment and greater development benefits. Some who have spoken against zoning at other times speak vigorously in favor of economic development. But their opposition to zoning undermines and contradicts their support of economic development.

Zoning is the wise thing to do - the Commissioners should take action now.
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xx Why pay $319,000 for a consultant and not wait for a recommendation?
November 12, 2015, 07:07:15 AM by whatsup
From this morning's Chatham Chatlist -

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 18:56:48 -0500
From: Brian Bock
Subject: Why pay $319,000 for a consultant and not wait for a recommendation?

The newest commissioners are pushing to implement county wide zoning. The residents, the Planning Board, the Farm Bureau, the Cattleman's Association, members of Farm Credit, the Agri-business council, and the Agriculture Advisory Committee have all recommended that no additional zoning be implemented west of Hwy 87.

Without a comprehensive plan, zoning for the sake of zoning can have long term detrimental impacts on our community. Commissioners Howard, Hales, and Crawford have just awarded a $319,000 contract to a consultant to develop such a plan.  For some reason they want to move forward without the plan. This makes no sense and is major intrusion into property rights.

If we going to spend $319,000 in taxpayer money  let's at least see what the consultants recommend before we start changing our zoning. Could it be that the new commissioner are concerned the results won't be what they want?

Their latest tactic is to send emails claiming county wide zoning is the only way to protect residents from unwanted Fracking. Commissioner Karen Howard is an attorney and should know that is incorrect but allows this falsehood to perpetuate. State law is very clear. There is no zoning that will prohibit fracking. If they want to protect against fracking they should meet with the Mining and Energy commission to find out what our real options are. As of yesterday, nobody from Chatham County has reached out to the commission to start that discussion.

Ask the new commissioners why they feel they know better than all of these groups and and residents who own the land. Ask them to slow down.
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xx Pittsboro Golf Cart ordinance
November 11, 2015, 09:42:42 PM by Patty52
I had intended to post this earlier, but life intervened... Here is the article from the Chatham News & Record that ran after it was passed on Sept. 28.

I have thought about this and I am really leery of anyone trying to use one on the streets of Pittsboro. I have lived downtown for thirty years and watched as various long term residents tried to navigate the streets in motorized wheelchairs and on motorized mobility scooters. It is really difficult and they can use the sidewalks when they exist. There are too many streets that are narrow and have no shoulders. I live two blocks from the courthouse and I have seen folks riding horses, riding bicycles, and skateboarding by my house, but I have never seen anyone in a golf cart anywhere in Pittsboro. Has anyone ever seen one in town?

In reading this article, I cannot even imagine where you legally could ride one in Pittsboro that you would want to. As Donna Bianco points out in the article, you could cross Hwy 64 to the Food Lion or Piggly Wiggly, but cannot drive along it. I cannot imagine anyone being able to safely cross 64 in a golf cart.

I am afraid that by passing this ordinance, the town may inadvertently encourage someone to try this. They may think that if they just follow the rules set down, they will be safe. In my opinion, they will not be. I know jokes have been made here earlier about this subject, but I do not want anyone to be injured or killed trying to drive a golf cart on the streets of Pittsboro.
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