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xx Living in a firearms friendly community like Chatham County
Yesterday at 07:15:41 AM by Gene Galin
I posted the item below on the Chatham Chatlist last week.
During the interview the owner, Erik Anderson, mentions that this is a firearms friendly community.

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:32:26 -0400
From: Gene
Subject: Country Arms Gun Shop opening in Siler City

I stopped by the new gun shop in Siler City on Saturday afternoon.

Country Arms is family owned business. They strive to give the firearm friendly community a place to get all your firearm needs. They carry many brands, such as Glock, Berretta, Browning, Benilli, Sig Sauer. They also manufacture ARs.

The public is invited to come out on July 26 from 12 noon - 3 p.m. to celebrate the opening of Country Arms, located at 1730 E. 11th Street in Siler City.  A Ribbon Cutting will take place at 12 noon, with an Open House to follow. Courtesy of Country Arms, guests will be treated to barbeque, hotdogs, beverages and more.  There will be several raffle drawings.  Rock 92 will join be there from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

View my interview with gun shop owner Erik Anderson at
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xx Former Chatham EDC Chairman Joe Glasson talks about major development strategies
July 24, 2014, 08:34:20 PM by Gene Galin
Former Chatham EDC Chairman Joe Glasson talks about major development strategies in Chatham County, NC

In a presentation at Governors Club, former Chatham County Economic Development chairman Joe Glasson speaks about the major development strategies in Chatham County, NC

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xx monthly support group for adults dealing with mental illness
July 23, 2014, 04:03:38 PM by Billie Hinton
Hello, all,

I wanted to let folks know that there is a free monthly support group that meets the second Tuesday evening of each month for adults living with mental illness. I facilitate the group and am the contact person for anyone wanting to join in.

Feel free to contact me directly for details.

Billie Hinton, MSSW, LCSW
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xx Country Arms Gun & Ammo Store opens in Siler City, NC
July 23, 2014, 06:35:47 AM by Gene Galin
Country Arms Gun & Ammo Store opens in Siler City, NC

Country arms, LLC is family owned business, established in 2014. Located in Siler City, NC. We strive to give our firearm friendly community a place to get all your firearm needs. We carry most of your favorite brands, such as Glock, Berretta, Browning, Benilli, Sig Sauer and much more! We have 10 years experience in gun-smithing so don't hesitate to swing by when you have any issues with your firearm. We also manufacture AR's and have reinvented the AR with using only the highest quality materials and coatings, such as Calico Coatings, DLC (Diamond Like Coating) on our 42 position, fully adjustable gas piston system and bolt carrier group.

Their grand opening is this Saturday, July 26. Ribbon cutting ceremony is at 12 noon.

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Video clip with owner, Erik Anderson.
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xx Randy, Graybeal and Starkweather
July 22, 2014, 07:22:30 PM by chathambooks
Every election cycle in Chatham that I can remember the public is graced with a letter from Randy Voller making an appeal to us to be civil and respectful during election season. I received the email below that was sent from John Graybeal (I'm sure I was not supposed to get it). It's interesting that Randy and Mr. Graybeal think that being a business owner or having a full time profession is a negative and should disqualify them from being commissioners. Stewart, Petty, and Bock are running their campaign based on their record not cynicism or sarcasm. In a separate email Graybeal mentions that they just need to wait for Starkweather to return (which he is soon) from CA with talking points for everyone. *sigh*
Below is the full unedited text of the email sent from Graybeal to democrats. What do you think? Clearly democrats don't appreciate this as they sent it on. It is interesting to note that Ms Sieverson's recent Chatlist post and Ms Penley's Letter to the editor this week contain exact quotes from Graybeal. According to this email I assume they are shilling for Graybeal and Voller both? I don't know but so far we haven't heard much from the candidates themselves. Perhaps Randy, Graybeal and Starkweather ought to consider that these damaging tactics are not actually helpful to their candidates. We are savvy voters in Chatham and if we don't have to wade through sneaky attack campaigns we like to make up our own minds based on facts and issues.

Heather Johnson

(I wrote this post myself)

 On Monday, July 21, 2014 10:02 PM, John Graybeal <> wrote:
Inspired by a recent conversation with Chairman Voller, I've written a short, somewhat sarcastic and, hopefully, somewhat funny proposed letter to the editor that asks why Bock/Petty/Stewart or any of them want to be commissioners anyway.

It points out Stewart's full time occupation, Petty's substantial business operations (Atlantic Power Solutions) and Bock's pizza business (apparently owning two franchises in the 5-part Amante Gourmet Pizza & Taproom business). The letter has some snide comments as asides.

Any volunteers to consider sending the letter to The Chatham Record??? (I've already sent too many to them.)

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xx JIM CRAWFORD for BOC District 4
July 21, 2014, 08:31:37 AM by Muddylaces
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xx New Book on Siler City
July 20, 2014, 04:36:56 PM by Tina
Author Marian Rogers-Lindsay offers her perspective on Siler City as a part of the "Images of America" series.

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xx Man drowns in Sugar Lake at former Pittsboro quarry
July 17, 2014, 08:39:47 PM by Gene Galin
Man drowns in lake at former Pittsboro quarry

Pittsboro, N.C. A man died Wednesday night while swimming in a lake at a closed quarry in Pittsboro, authorities said.

Jarrell Octavious Thigpen, 20, was with two friends at Sugar Lake at about 6 p.m. when he went under the water and didn't resurface, authorities said.

Divers found Thigpen but were unable to revive him, and he was pronounced dead at UNC Hospitals, authorities said.

Sugar Lake is privately owned and not open to the public, they said.
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xx what happened on 15-501
July 15, 2014, 07:48:46 PM by woodgnome
does anyone know what happened on 15-501 close to the Haw river bridge tonight?

had to take a dogleg to avoid the stop & stop traffic around 5:30 pm.


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xx Chapel Hill News article about Chatham County
July 14, 2014, 05:28:37 PM by Brian Bock

As our local government budget sessions ended, there was a lot of hand wringing in Orange County and Chapel Hill about our fiscal future.

Savings are being depleted. Education needs more funding. Capital improvements to government buildings and schools are being deferred. Property taxes are being increased with the prospect of higher rates to come.

Its beginning to look like past policies put us on an unsustainable path. We need more revenues. To that end Orange County is finally adding infrastructure to some of its economic development districts and Chapel Hill has approved redevelopment plans for Glen Lennox and the commercial areas around Eastgate.

Will that be enough? Should more be done to fund the amenities weve come to enjoy?

Chatham County may provide some clues. Four years ago an electorate seeking change swept a new majority into power in Chatham County. Change they got, with more on the way.

Jobs in the county are up 270 percent, more than making up for losses during the recession. That employment growth is a result of an almost 600 percent increase in private capital investment. In 2010, business only invested $500,000. Since then, nearly $250,000,000 has infused into the local economy. Chatham County now has a lower unemployment rate than Orange County.

More business not only means more jobs but more tax revenue. Property tax revenue is up on the new investment. Sales tax revenue has doubled, before the new Walmart has been counted. The sales tax increase alone means avoiding a 1.5 cent property tax-rate increase.

Instead, theres been no increase in property tax rates for four years, even while spending has increased. School operations not only have been fully funded, making up for state decreases, but the county commissioners actually added a teacher supplement and an innovative school bonus program. County employees have received raises, too.

Capital needs are being addressed. School renovations are underway, a new detention center is being built, as is an Agri-Conference Center. All this while maintaining a healthy county fund balance, which has helped improve the bond rating.

These are significant results over a short period of time; especially given the county was reeling from a series of devastating plant closures and the real estate market collapse. But the biggest transformations are yet to come.

Responsible local developers will build Chatham Park next to Pittsboro. This state-of-the-art mixed-use community will eventually be a new town. Near Siler City, the states first megasite has been approved. It will seek to bring an auto manufacturing plant to the area. Anyone who has been to Greenville-Spartanburg, S.C., knows about the positive regional impact that will have.

According to Brian Bock, vice chairman of the Chatham Board of Commissioners, this progress was surprisingly easy to achieve. He and a new majority were elected on a focused platform: make Chatham friendly to business. Their plan was simple. First, allow the county staff to be customer focused. We wanted them to help applicants get through our regulations, instead of saying no, he explained. The resulting mood and attitude among staff changed immediately. So did the business response.

Second, they made the regulatory process more transparent and efficient, and stopped micromanaging. That eliminated uncertainty and unproductive costs. Finally, they worked with residents on a new land-use plan to guide future development. That allows them to preserve rural character (planned new development equals only 3 percent of county land), add environmental protections, and grow into a place in which people can live, work, shop and play, instead of being just a bedroom community.

Chathams shift to a more sustainable course has had quick and dramatic results. Its no secret, according to Bock: Change attitudes, set the right priorities, then get out of the way of the professional staff. Orange County and Chapel Hill should go to school on that.

Mark Zimmerman lives and owns a small business in Chapel Hill. He can be reached at
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