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xx Jim Crawford promises to attend meetings. He doesn't even do that NOW!
Yesterday at 11:18:46 PM by zorro
Jim Crawford went into a rant during the second half of a question about attending some OUT of county meetings.

He finishes off his rant with the claim that "if I am elected I will be there".

The truth of the matter is that Jim Crawford has been a member of the Chatham County planning board for less than a year, and he consistently misses planning board meetings held IN the County, IN Pittsboro.

If he can't even meet his obligations in Chatham County, what makes you all think he can keep his promise to "be there" at meetings outside the county?

BTW, observe the look of disbelief Diana Hales gives him during his "if I am elected I will be there" second.

Just remember, as Karen Howard stated several times during the debate "This is an Election Year" and the liberal Starkweather candidates will say just about anything and everything.
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xx N&O - Chatham Park office opens in downtown Pittsboro
Yesterday at 10:36:08 PM by Gene Galin
Chatham Park office opens in downtown Pittsboro

PITTSBORO Preston Development Co. hosted about 50 public officials and business leaders to show off its new office for Chatham Park in downtown Pittsboro on Wednesday night.

And for possibly the first time in an event involving Pittsboro officials and the planned 7,100-acre Chatham Park, no protesters or picketers were on hand.

Supporters included members of the Chatham County and Pittsboro boards of commissioners, the head of the countys economic development agency and business people from Lee, Chatham and Wake counties.

Pittsboro Mayor Bill Terry thanked the men behind the project, Julian Bubba Rawl and Tim Smith, for bringing their big brains and big potential to Chatham County.

Chatham Park, which is slated to grow in stages over the next 30 to 40 years, will include homes, shopping and office parks. It could bring 60,000 new residents to the area between downtown Pittsboro and Jordan Lake, effectively growing the Triangle into more of a rectangle.

The office at 79 Hillsborough St. next to S&Ts Soda Shoppe is the developers first physical presence in Chatham County, and its opening marks a turning point from planning to active development.

Weve been here a lot, but this is our first bricks and sticks, Smith said.

The office will provide maps, pamphlets and videos about Chatham Park and will also be a meeting space for companies and individuals interested in moving there, making it easier to embark on tours of the site than from Prestons offices in Cary.

In early November, workers are expected to break ground on the first building in Chatham Park, a medical office run by UNC Hospitals just north of the intersection of U.S. 15-501 and U.S. 64, across from Northwood High School.

Plans for a separate UNC Hospitals hospice facility should go before the town for approval next week, Smith said.

Smith said he has been fielding plenty of questions about bringing more retail to the area, and while those plans are still a ways off, he said, new homes will probably be on the way within 18 to 24 months.

Read more here:
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xx Hair Stylist
Yesterday at 08:13:53 PM by Luvteaching
I am in search of recommendations for great hair salons in the area, any suggestions?
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xx First of 3 ads that will run on TWC
Yesterday at 09:11:53 AM by Brian Bock
I know not everyone has TWC so you can click on this link to see the first of our 30 second TV ads.

We have also set up a link that will help you determine your proper voting precinct.
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xx I am ticked
October 18, 2014, 10:25:43 AM by gt27312
I just received a phone call from a Chatham County organization (unnamed) taking a survey. After asking if I planned on voting in this election, the gentlemen asked me if I was going to vote for Bock, Stewart, and Petty. When I replied that my vote was private and protected by the Constitution, he hung up on me.

I don't know which political organization called but may I say, "Badly, done."  If you want to ensure that your side is going to be successful in this election then give me a reason to vote for your candidate. Tell me what your candidate has done to enrich our quality of life, protect our families, improve our schools, protect our right to religious expression, protect our freedoms, and protect our privacy.

Trying to find out which way the political wind is blowing by intruding on people's homes and privacy with rudeness and dismissiveness is not the way to impress me. I only hope at this point, that I'm voting for the other guy.
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xx Da POlice
October 17, 2014, 10:25:09 PM by raygut3
We go to Sanford frequently.  It seems that about 90 percent of the time we go there is a Pittsboro police car parked behind the fire station in Sanford.  Are we paying for a Sanford fireman to commute to work?  And which is his primary job, a cop in Pittsboro or a fireman in Sanford?
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xx Diana Hales' Global Warming Carbon Neutral policies not good for Chatham
October 17, 2014, 07:29:32 AM by zorro
Does anyone know if Diana Hales has a degree is science? Or just being from California make her an expert on "Global Warming?"

It's interesting to see that she now chooses to call it "climate change." For centuries most people have simply called it "weather".  Upside the head

Well, Diana wants to keep Chatham County "carbon neutral", which in essence means that she isn't and won't be for placing an auto manufacturing plant at the megasite in Siler City.

And what specific global warming policies will Diana Hales implement? Notice that she never answers the question.

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xx Opportunities for Candidates to meet face to face in public
October 16, 2014, 09:29:02 AM by Everett McGill
Oct 21: Southeast Chatham Citizens Council county candidates Forum; 2389 Old US 1, Moncure, 7:00 pm
Oct 28: Carolina Preserve In-the-News, all Commissioner Candidates; Bradford Hall Clubhouse, Cary, 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

The two dates on are on the Hales website.  Hope there is a big turnout, and lots of video.
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xx Here's what we'll get if Hales is elected
October 16, 2014, 08:42:44 AM by Everett McGill

You just cannot make this S H I T  up.    Where do these slithering creatures come from?
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xx Whooping Cough at Northwood
October 15, 2014, 09:06:50 AM by jkjs
I realize this is a school issue but it is also Chatham County related.

Notice yesterday from Northwood that some students were exposed to whooping cough.

My question is how are there students at Northwood who have not been vaccinated?
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